Service and Design

Appraisals & Inspections

We offer certified appraisals in store as well as estimates on any jeweler and vintage watch you bring in. Our certified gemologist provides a detailed explanation of the appraisal and will finish with an official document and professional photography of the piece. An important aspects of this process include consideration of both the quality of goldsmith and craftsmanship of the jewelry piece. We go the industry standard and use professional research microscopes, diamond laser testing, and gold testing kits and other techniques to verify and validate your appraisal. Finally, our appraisals can also be used for insurance claims, so bring your item in and we will provide our best service. If you have any questions please contact us, we are more than happy to discuss things further.

Custom Design

Design Commitment: Our signature is our professional custom design service. Bring your pictures, sketches and ideas and we will accommodate to the last detail. If not certain let our goldsmith help you create that memorable piece that you’ve always wanted. We can also reset and redesign your old pieces to your heart’s desire. If you have a sentimental gold ring or gemstone you want us to renew, we can revive it in your new custom piece.

Design Concept: Whether by phone, email or in person, we’d love to know your ideas and concepts for your custom piece. Having some pictures for reference is always a great idea, as we will customize your piece to the finest detail. We encourage you to visit our online store for ideas and inspiration for your very own piece. We can also style match from multiple rings to create something truly unique and original.

Design Creation: From creative suggestions to expert recommendations, the next stage is to meet our professionals, build upon any of your inspirations and prepare a working concept. You will see some similar pieces and get a firsthand look by size, feel, weight and other features, as examples of your own ideas. From certified Canadian cut diamonds, to gemstones and your choice of precious metals, at this point we would help you to choose the best materials, as we work together with you to lay the framework and perfect a custom final concept. Together we will formulate a computer designed visual rendering of your final piece and upon your approval, we will begin with your own personal jewelry creation. The final creation takes only a few weeks but may take longer depending on the complexity of the craftsmanship. Get started today and contact us.

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Having an engraved jewelry and watch truly adds more meaning and personalizes that gift to your loved ones and friends. We take the greatest patience and care when we hand engrave and stylize your special moment on to gold. We can engrave most jewelry pieces including rings, watches, and lockets. We can go one step further and do laser picture engravings on gold in both monochrome and full color.

Insurance Claims

Let us simplify your insurance claims. In addition to jewelry appraisals for family heirlooms and vintage watches, we can easily work with insurance companies to make sure your assets are properly protected and valued. If ever an incident occurs where claims are needed, we can immediately provide repairs, replacements, and jewelry exchanges of similar value. Do not worry about the hassle of dealing with insurance, our team will work for you and quickly and securely handle negotiations with the insurance firm.

Jewelry Repair & Restoration

For jewelry repairs and antiques, we have you covered. With more than 25 years in diamond and gold jewelry industry, you can be sure your needs and repair are in the right hands. We can turn rustic and vintage gold to something new and scratch-free. A quick inspection is always free in-store. Our team provides a full repair service, with expert restoration and replacement pieces to match any style, size and all precious gemstones and gold. If you need to strengthen your bracelet or necklace, we can help. If you need to replace a gemstone or diamond, our services are available. Restringing of pearls and beads, ring sizing, broken/damaged pieces and replacement pieces, anything you have, we most definitely can be there to help.

Watch Repairs

For our watch repair, we have two Swiss-trained watchmakers who will tend personally to your favorite time-piece. Our team are trained in restoring vintage European watches and also experts in Japanese movements. Taking care of watches whether new or old can entail a proper fitting of the band to wrist. Including adding or removing links, ensuring a centered weight balance and overall comfortable feel. We can also obtain replacement parts for antiques and vintage pieces from luxury manufacturers or custom machine parts. Our in-store service provides battery replacement and gaskets, adding/removing links. If you have a professional diving watch, we can perform battery replacements and water sealing, all with our repair guarantee.

Advice on Jewelry Care

Jewelry care is something important to remember to help your jewelry can last forever, but you need to care for it. If you want to wear the item regularly we suggest an annual checkup with your jeweler just to make sure everything is secure and safe. Simple repairs are infrequent but are much more cost effective than replacing a broken necklace or lost diamond. Come in to our store anytime for a complimentary jewelry cleaning for any of your fine jewelry piece, as you browse around our new collection and designer jewelry lines. We will also inspect your ring for free and make sure all the gemstone claws, necklace clasps are tight and strong. We also offer premium re-buffering and polishing services to give it extra attention. We know you will love the results! Re-buffering and polishing fees are determined on a piece by piece basis after being inspected by our goldsmith.

We safely ship our items in gift boxes, all around the world via FedEx. YSJ always provides the same customer service you would expect, just as you were here with us in person. Feel free to get in touch at 1.844.LoveYSJ (568.3975)